Friday, 13 September 2013

Ups and Downs


We all experience ups and downs. Whether we’re talking about jobs, relationships, energy, motivation, happiness - life is often about moving from ups to downs and so on without losing faith.
If you’re experiencing an up, I hope you are enjoying the moment. It must feel special. It must feel great. Enjoy it. Do more. Make the most of it. Spread joy, love and happiness. Be careful about over promising in a good mood while you’re at it. Laugh !

If you’re on a down, I hope you are keeping the faith. As dreary as things seem when we go through downs, they don’t last. And the best things about these downs is that they keep us humble and grounded. Of course, we don’t like or want them for sure... but what would life be if we ever given everything we liked and wanted? Look around. You probably have everything you need. Now what do you think at this moment?

And if you’re in the between, that’s a great place to be too. The next up or down will arrive soon enough. And when that happens, do remember to come back and read this post.!!  :)

Happy weekend folks...

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