Monday, 21 October 2013


Its that time!  Oh yeah!

                                                           Time to celebrate!
Celebrate what you ask?

Anything!   Everything!   Who cares?
Get up off your chair.   Take a look around you.  Take a deep breath.  Oh, yeah, you are BREATHING!  Is that not incredible!  Is that not worth celebrating?
So!  Pop in your favorite CD.   Go on…  Turn it up.   WAY UP!
Now…  start celebrating!   Sing!  Dance! Get groovy! Raise those hands!  Praise!   Shout!  Do the happy dance!
YOU are here!   YOU are alive!   YOU can FEEL!   YOU can MOVE!
Go on.   MOVE!!!   (yes, I am yelling at you!  lol.. :D )
No excuses.  Never mind who is sitting or standing next to you.  We ALL need to get up and move.   We ALL need to take a moment to celebrate our own life.  I bet if we all got in the practice of being a little more thankful for our ability to breath, we might see the world as a little more precious.  We might see our neighbor as a little more endearing.  We might look at our loved ones with a little more appreciation.
So go on. Celebrate!

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